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nyc p.shots [week 15]

are up here.

and they’re really good.

but it’s a really nice city.

so it’s kind of easy.

[our secret]


Twitter Weekly Updates [ ] for 2011-09-11

  • – dieting, you are a motherfucker. #
  • – one pal rang the bell yesterday at Wall St., the other is on a billboard in Times Square. nice. #
  • – sittin' rooftop, our house in Brooklyn. those two big Bat Lights opening up the Manhattan fog. you bring it, Joker – Gotham's ready. #
  • : @andersoncooper – HDTV was made for those blue eyes of yours. @johnmcain – radio, my man. #
  • – anyone in need of low self-esteem or high quality cocaine should get to NYC soon. it's Fashion Week. #
  • : 'always remember 9.11' – don't think that's going to a problem. stop showing the burning buildings. no one here has trouble forgetting. #
  • – stupid wine. makes me not be able to keep secrets. there is, however, some very big stuff happening soon! argh – it predictably as well! #
  • – annoying realization of dieting hit when my smaller portion of chili took only 1 min to heat up, as opposed to my usual standard of 2.5. #
  • – sending love to my old stompin' grounds of the 512 and some of this rain from nyc. we got plenty. #
  • – to whoever keeps sneaking in my place and washing all of my clothes in hot water, please stop it. #
  • – F train, it's been a while. and F train, I haven't missed you one bit. #
  • – am pretty sure that if I understood more Spanish, Compay Segundo would give me all the answers I could possibly need. #
  • – a very good story about a turntable. and 3 friends. it's a good story. #
  • – I love Google Maps, but suggest a 'Vespa' route, as taking the FDR was no fun for anyone – including the 20 cars behind me for 8 miles. #
  • wants a jet-pack. #

Twitter Weekly Updates [ ] for 2011-09-04

  • – let's go, Sooners. #
  • – dear last night's wine, that ain't cool. #
  • – am constantly surprised by folks who don't know anything about Northern Soul. take Motown sound and add a 60s UK beat. fantastic stuff. #
  • – I believe in miracles. since you came along. you sexy thing. [you sexy thing] #
  • – the ride into work alone was worth what I paid for the Vepsa. absolutely gorgeous day in the city. #
  • – beer, this is cookie. cookie, beer. now, I want y'all to get along – hear? #
  • – LEAVES EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!! #
  • – even if you don't live in NYC, spend a few mins on The Weather Channel for pure comedic content. #

Twitter Weekly Updates [ ] for 2011-08-28

  • – here's hoping Brooklyn stands up to Irene tonight. I can't die living in a room I decorated with 80% IKEA. #
  • – 'hunker down' is now a nationwide term? Oklahoma is, once again, a trend-setter. #
  • Verizon just sent me a reminder to pay my bill. think I'll wait 'till next Tuesday. THIS IS THE END. Vespa's float, right? I need more wine. #
  • – first mandatory evacuation in history of NYC? wow. good luck, Zone A-ers. #
  • – my momentary security blanket re: Irene has now turned to horror as I was mixing up hurricanes and tornados. and live in a basement. shit. #
  • – nothing like filling out an expense report to remind you of the alcoholic you really are. #
  • RT @susielin the combo of the hour nap I took & the newly acquired book by @aricsqueen is keeping me up. my body will not thank me tomorrow. #
  • – like Janis? then start listenin' to Etta. #
  • – it's nice to jaywalk again. and be insulted traditionally, as opposed to passive aggressively. #
  • – New York City… ew. #
  • – so long, Seattle. and thanks for all the fish. #
  • – I leave NYC for 10 days and they get an earthquake? no fair. #
  • r.i.p. Nick Ashford. Motown died a little tonight. #
  • – the best part about drinkin in a strange town is that no one knows you. it's also the worst. #
  • – craziest. homeless. people. ever. #
  • – I somehow ended up in another state. #

Twitter Weekly Updates [ ] for 2011-08-21

  • – off on the most wonderful of adventures. so excited that I even took a preemptive Immodium AD. #
  • – @lifeinthekey asks me to do strange things to myself. #
  • – Seattle. best known for cool kids, and weird parents. #
  • – eBook versions of 'the shanghai [exile] diaries' headed out for testing today. look for it on Amazon in the next few weeks! #
  • – oh man, Seattle. you're gorgeous! #

Twitter Weekly Updates [ ] for 2011-08-14

  • : decided against packing my OKC Thunder t-shirt for my 10 days in Seattle next week. [but, for the record – go, Thunder!] #
  • – there will be a time, in my not so distant future, when I will regret eating 2 portions of jerk chicken from the food truck outside. #
  • – cats are manipulative. v-neck t-shirts, however, might be the way forward. #
  • – there's a rumor going around that I might get to see @autkast in Seattle in a week or so?! [ be jealous @leahlamb @christinelu @cfnoble ] #
  • – I get immense satisfaction out of laughing loudly at people who jog in place at intersections in order to keep their heart rate up. #
  • – rain, rain in Gotham. when I said 'I need to get ready for next week's trip to Seattle', this isn't exactly what I meant. #
  • – Christian Bale almost ruined Huey Lewis' 'Sports' for me… almost. #
  • – I've been to Ikea twice today. and both times have walked out having bought nothing. there's something wrong with me. for both. #
  • – Harley's-no. Triumph's-yes. #

Twitter Weekly Updates [ ] for 2011-08-07

  • – so, I just got tattooed by a former member of The Blue Man Group. #
  • – hipster or homeless? lesbian or little boy? oh, Brooklyn, you do entertain. #
  • – Lenny's Sandwiches are horrendous. dry chicken and old lettuce. why is this place sworn by? #
  • – in Seattle from Aug 15th-24th if anyone wants to totally hang out and stuff. #
  • – the one time of year I let Mom's call go to voicemail. a tradition since I had a answering machine for her to sing 'happy bday'. love it. #

Twitter Weekly Updates [ ] for 2011-07-24

  • I would say 'of course it's hot, it's NYC in the summer', but it's not even summer yet. great. #
  • – in a city where the 'f' word is used freely, it's fun to witness how much power calling someone a 'jerk' still carries. #
  • -the fact that the iPad 2 cannot import vid from GoPro cameras and other similar devices will keep me from buying it – that, and being poor. #
  • – staged by Murdoch's PR agency or not, you do not fuck with Wendi Deng. what a cross! #
  • – the fact that most ladies at the gym are married and most of the guys are not pretty much sums it up. #
  • fuck me, this is a match. penalty shootout for the World Cup Final?! let's go USA gals! #
  • : good luck, US Women's Soccer. sorry we don't give a shit. #

Twitter Weekly Updates [ ] for 2011-07-17

  • went in for a haircut, came out with a keratin blowout – whatever the fuck that means. some special shampoo in my bag, for what it's worth. #
  • – 'ain't there one damn song that can make me break down and cry? [aaaaaallllllllllllll night]' #
  • PASS!!! 4 hours and $84 later, I now have all the rights of an adult-supervised 15 year-old. #
  • – written exam time. I failed 3 times in Oklahoma. this might be quick. #
  • name change is blessing in disguise. found out I *can* take the written motorcycle test. pays to ask a 2nd time… especially here. #
  • everyone is on their phones. saying the same thing. we are a wall of despondent aggravated sound. a hundred Dr. Phil Spectors. #
  • : she spelled it 'queem'. back to the line. this is fun. I'm having a good time. #
  • 'no photography'. well that sucks. this place is an In Design cover story waiting to happen. #
  • they should have a reality tv show with NYC DMV staff vs. Russian toll booth operators. Contempt Island. #
  • anyone want to buy a Vespa? I've made a huge mistake. #
  • they have forms. but was just told I have to wait 2 weeks for hard license before taking written motorcycle exam. ugh. #
  • : forgot my forms. they'll have forms, right? I hope they have forms. they should have forms. I hope. #nycdmv #
  • 8.17a. already 100+ people in line. would've been quicker to fly home to get motorcycle license. #nycdmv #
  • dear intern, I need you to think like a CEO, talk like a middle manager & work like a new hire. the only thing you can do interny is coffee. #
  • the problem with being from Oklahoma is you really can't moan about the heat in NYC. that being said… fuck, it's hot. #
  • : every Monday should come with The Cars [you might think I'm crazy] [dum-dum-dum-dunnnnn-um]. #
  • – was in a crap mood until I found codeine and a clif bar inside an old backpack. hello, sunday. #
  • – no more weekends in the city. point made, Brooklyn, point made. #

Twitter Weekly Updates [ ] for 2011-07-10

  • : why can't all men be like Hank Azaria? #
  • I was going to complain about the quality of toilet paper in the office, but I'm still kind of new and that's a hard label to shake. #
  • I really couldn't tell you how I friended Colt 45 on FB, but Billy Dee's handsome mug makes it impossible for me to leave. well played C45 #
  • : these blueberries are bullshit. #
  • I've found that by eating the sausage roll downstairs for breakfast, I'm ill until 8p. suddenly, my food budget for NYC is looking up. #
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