where are ya?


[pink] – everything pre-2008

[red] – 2008

[blue] – 2009

[yellow] – 2010

[green] – 2011, 2012

[white] – 2013

[orange] – 2014 – present

currently in: North Carolina. working on a boat.


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  1. Symon says:

    Proud of you! Cant wait to read it….

  2. davie pocstar says:

    inspiring! love the visual of this.

  3. Aric says:

    HOLLY CRAP my name is spelled with an a too XD I thought i was the only one 😀

  4. Enrico says:

    I’m there! i can see myself… that little pink spot in italy!

  5. Niamh and Anthony says:

    Hi from Ireland! All the best in BA, enjoy!

  6. wow….just finished reading some of what you have written! I think I am a new fan.

    I help run an animal advocacy organization called Project BARK in Greensboro, NC. Our website tells our story. Laura Gonzo (great woman) told us you could be in the area and that we might want to share a little of what we do.

    If so, please let us take you to dinner….we have pretty good choices of all types here, including vegetarian and many ethnic specialties.

    my email is scandae@gcsnc.com (no “L” in name portion)

    Hope we can connect sometime!

  7. Questen I. says:

    You should check out Ketchikan and Craig, Alaska.

  8. Paul says:

    Would love to travel the world! How do you fund all your travelling if that’s all you do?

  9. a-fan-from-2006 says:

    Aric! Can’t wait to get the book. (ah, but whispernet has already loaded it on the iPad; i had to buy a paper copy — 2.99 or whatever just didn’t seem fair 🙂

    I will never, never forget your C-pod bit from the bath house in the hutong, or wherever, where you turned down the “extra” service. Come to think of it, that might have ended it for you, eh? hahaha. fantastic. I listened from California for a couple years, moved to china for 3, and came back with a bride…

    make us all proud with your next effort!

    a big big fan!


  10. ari says:

    Your tattoos make just about every other Ive ever seen make total bullshit sense. not that they ever made any to begin with. I know that sounds harsh and unrealistic, but trust me, I know this confidently. Anyway, thanks for not being a total idiot. Having AWESOME taste, Knowing enough about stuff worth knowing about. and everything in between. people like you encourage me to keep on trekking. through all the “sheeple”.

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