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advance copies


[update: since time of post, we’ve pre-sold a total of 163 and have ordered another 100 books – sum total of 200. there are now 47 41 36 21 11 copies remaining of the advance version [signed, etc] so if you’re wanting on, I’d suggest putting some haste in your step. after this, it won’t be possible to autograph… which is a weird thing to say, but hey.]

okay, first things first. the above is a photo I took solely for noting the size of the novel, as it looked tiny in some photos. this is the only reason it is standing next to my all-time favorite book. I just happen to always have High Fidelity on me and used it to scale. that being said; the shanghai [exile] diaries is a big book! 339 pages! and regular-sized font. I’m proud of it.

ok. right…

the advance copies / pre-sale / etc.

I was going to run about 100 for the early edition, but as of yesterday’s debut, we’ve already gotten orders for 56, which means we might need a few more. obviously, this is a good problem to have, but… but… if you are wanting a copy, I highly suggest you move quickly. I don’t want the Sooners [Oklahoma reference – means you jumped the gun] having to wait. no, they will not. in fact, they should not have to do anything, ’cause they were here first.


if you want a signed copy, please get your orders in quickly!!



p.s. also, until the end of day today –  Friday [April Fools – I know. this is why I released yesterday], if you order a hard copy, you’ll also be sent the electronic version [ebook; for iPad, Kindle, etc] for free. it won’t be out for a month or so, but it’s still a $15 bargain!



how ’bout that?

it actually happened.

I wrote a book.

ain’t that a kick in the pants?

be a peach and buy it, would’ya?

the shanghai [exile] diaries – audio book [preview]

aric s. queen 10

a handful of people have asked me about this, so I thought I’d give you a little tease on one of the many things we’ve been working on for the past few months.

yes, an ebook [kindle, iPad, etc] is being worked on, accompanying videos, photos…

and an audio book.

it’s going to take a while, but I thought I’d go ahead and give ya a little taste.

it’s a rough cut, untreated and will most likely be re-recorded, but whatever…


play ‘the shanghai [exile] diaries – intro’

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.


and be sure and check back tomorrow. there’s a slight chance the book will officially be for sale.


canadian bakings

dear Canadians.

while I’ve already mentioned that you might be slightly offended by a few things said in my new book, I feel the need to write you your own letter.

I started penning this book in January of ’09 and I completed the first draft about 8 months later. it’s a story about my life in China, some trouble I got into, and my life once I got out. it wasn’t always easy, these past few years, writing as a younger me, but I had to do it to the best of my ability.

what that means, though, is that I couldn’t write myself then, as I am now.

you following me so far? you sure? not to complicated? [insert dumb Canadian joke here]


now, up until a few months ago, I had a handful of Canadian friends who made as much fun of me and my country as I did them. said ‘Canucks’ and I were drinking buddies – all 9 of them – and they know that my jokings were mostly harmless. yes, they’re weird and yes, we’re fat. yes, they really haven’t given the world much and yes, we shoot each other a lot. humor – based on fact; but each one of them know it’s never done out of spite.

fast forward a few years later and – as irony would have it – I got myself a Canadian girlfriend. and she has lots of Canadian friends. friends who have, for some reason, been incredibly kind to me, especially with getting the word out about this book - which means I feel the need to elbow each of them in the ribs before this writing is thrown out to the masses [do 30 people saying they’ll buy it count as a ‘mass’? no? fuck.], so… look:

Canadians, you’re famous for your inability to deal with the insults American’s throw your way,  [can I suggest buying a gun? a fantastic anger outlet!] and yes, there are a few of these barbs thrown your way in the book. in all honesty, I’ve met many of you who deserve these descriptions; but I’ve also met some who don’t.

I guess what I’m saying is to please not take it personally – especially those of you who’ve been nothing but nice to me.

okay – we good?


see! you’re not all eh-holes.

[congratulations/condolences on your government collapsing, by the way. am guessing they’re quite busy with the Royal Wedding plans and all…]



p.s. this might be construed as one of those ‘don’t bite the hand that feeds you’ situations, but I’m afraid I can’t attest to that, seeing how your food is shit.

q & a [queen] part three

aric s. queen 24

right, okay – less than a week before I have the final proof of the book in my hand and, can I be hung-overly honest right now? I fucking hate self-marketing. I really do. last night over cups and cups of wine, I had to come clean about how much I hate it. this isn’t a book of photography or fiction, this is about me; what I went through, what I thought – me. it’s intimate. and I’m sensitive. so no, I’m not comfortable with clogging up the Facebook feed with posts and stuff… but I have to do it. I’d be silly not to do it. I’m a first-time author with a love of social media. fine. I accept that. but I still hate it. I want to write and someone else to push it. I say all of that to say this – thank you for your questions. it means a lot. it’s user generated content, which I love doing. answering questions is great. forcing information is not. so keep ’em coming. please. I’m at the point where I’m referring to myself in the third person, and the only person who could get away with that was James Brown. and I ain’t no James Brown.

Screen shot 2011-03-22 at 6.28.55 PM

this is the question that prompted my little idea the other day. you get 25 people to ‘like’ the page, I send you a signed copy. easy as that. this book took me 3 years to write and I couldn’t have done it without the kindess, pity and generosity paid to me, so I got a special place in my heart for those who don’t have extra cash lying around.

Screen shot 2011-03-22 at 12.34.39 PM


Screen shot 2011-03-22 at 8.42.52 PM

if you read the book, you’ll soon see that I’m a big fan of complete transparency. so, in keeping with that, I’ll be honest about the book tour. I am currently in talks with [name removed] in New York City about what would potentially be a dream gig for me. that’s about all I can say right now, but if, by chance, it works out, then that will get priority and I would be moving there pretty quickly. if it doesn’t work out, then yes, I would definitely be up for a book tour. and can think of nothing more fun than lecturing and hanging out with Mormons. will know more in the coming weeks.

Screen shot 2011-03-25 at 1.06.47 PM


Screen shot 2011-03-25 at 3.47.20 PM

Screen shot 2011-03-25 at 1.05.11 PM

right. this has been one of the more popular questions as of late. yes. the book can be mailed anywhere, including China. I’ve spoken with a few people and they both simply suggested I don’t write the name of the book on the envelope. if, for some reason, there is a hold-up, then we have also designed ‘alternate’ covers with an ‘alternate’ title, which will make it through. in a 4-6 weeks, the ebook version will also be out as well, which will be easy enough to send electronically. as far as Facebook being banned in China, not a problem, as you’ll be ordering from here.

cool. again – thanks. this makes it fun. and easy. apologies for hogging your Facebook feed. I’d like to say ‘it’ll all calm down’, but…. no.


a day in the life


[taken from City Weekend, Shanghai, September 2007]

me and you and everyone we know

Screen shot 2011-03-23 at 10.32.28 AM

times are tough.

you’re broke, I’m broke.


but I’d still like you to have the book I just wrote.

so I’m giving it away for free.

ain’t that a kick in the pants?

here’s how that whole thing happens:

you ‘like’ our Facebook page.

then you look at the bottom right corner there, right under the profile picture, where is says ‘share’ - click that.

and then write something like ‘this is the most amazing book I’ve ever read’ or ‘this is the most amazing book you’ll ever read’ or… you could just say ‘if I get 25 people to ‘like’ this I get a free book!’.

book is $25, so that’s $1 a person.

[I enjoy putting monetary amounts on people.]

and then I’ll send you a signed copy.



click ‘like’.

click ‘share’.

get 25 friends to click ‘like’.

and I send you a book.



q & a [queen] part two


when you get your hands on the book, the photo above will give you a visual to a pretty funny story. but this isn’t about me [it kind of always is though], this is about taking a weekly batch of questions pertaining to the book, life in China, desperate attempts at attention-getting projects and more.

Screen shot 2011-03-21 at 4.49.25 PM

in about 10-14 days time [hopefully], there will be a link up on this website. you can PayPal the money over and it will get to you a few weeks after.

Screen shot 2011-03-21 at 4.49.58 PM

you know, I really don’t know. I suppose if it gets enough attention, than maybe, but the government is quite busy right now buying up all of the salt and suppressing possible revolutions to give me a nod. that being said, I never thought they’d pay me any attention in the first place and we see where that got me. however, it might help sales if I can officially stick a ‘Banned in China!’ on there.

Screen shot 2011-03-21 at 4.52.20 PM

I actually think that might decrease the value of it. kidding. I’d love to sign it. a few people have mentioned the same thing. books in the pre-sale will be signed and numbered [it’ll be a short run for the initial buys], as they’ll be sent from here, but anything after that will be taken care of by a fulfillment company and, unless I end up living on your couch [more of a possibility than you think], then I won’t be able to.

Screen shot 2011-03-21 at 4.50.15 PM

I don’t miss living in China, no. but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t miss the buzz that was the mid-2000’s Shanghai – our Paris of the 20’s. we were all doing amazing, ground-breaking and interesting things. I recently re-read an article that came out featuring myself and friends Juliette [indie filmmaker], Archie [Split Works] and I, touched on how a drunken dinner party with minds like these would always end up as a new project the day after. life back in The States is dull when looking at it from that angle. it takes so much time, effort, bureaucracy and capital to do things here – to a point of exhaustion. and by the time you’re finally ready to go, you’ve lost momentum. that wasn’t the case before.

thanks for the questions. if you have any more, feel free to post them on our Facebook Page, leave them here as a comment, email me [ aric [at] ], etc. etc.


cover me

Screen shot 2011-03-17 at 11.39.37 AM

oh man. my designer is going to kill me as we’re still working on the back cover, but I had to get this up.

I absolutely love it.

this is the 4th or 5th idea we kicked around, I was leaning towards an old propaganda-ish feel for it, but in the end, it just didn’t make sense.

this does.

love the clean layout, the hat, the font, everything.

now, I just have to write a bio… which is tough on a book that you admit to being a bit of a charlatan.

exciting stuff.

q & a [queen]

almost writing a book is an interesting experience. I say ‘almost’ because the final cover art is still not yet done. a few typos. etc. oh yeah, and no one has yet to buy it.

you are going to buy it, right?


I just penned my memoirs and I’m not even 35 years old. if that doesn’t convey a fragile ego, then I don’t know what could.


since last week’s post, I’ve gotten quite a few emails. interesting emails. here’s the gist of a few:

1. why self-publish?

1. I decided to self-publish because I hate waiting around on people. another friend of mine was telling me about his experience in publishing and is going to have to wait 15 months to see his on the shelf. 15 months! I dealt with 3 houses before taking this road. my book was a pretty easy sell [at least the title + premise], so that wasn’t a problem. direction and content were. look, there’s a lot to be said against self-publishing, but I’m not in this to make money. I never make money doing my little projects. we all know that by now. I did this for my friends. I did this for my nephew. and I did this because I was dangerously toeing the line of being a bum.

2. are you worried about backlash?

2. yes and no. everyone knows I’m not a fan of the Chinese government. people back in Shanghai are pissed off about it, but that’s fine. Shanghai makes people angry. the people I wanted to make sure were okay with the book are people I’ve already been in touch with.  and in the words of Josie’s Dad – ‘fuck ’em if they can’t take a joke’. per the legality side, yes. slightly. it’ll make sense when you read it.

3. when you say ‘sex’ is mentioned, how much ‘sex’ are we talking? [this from a friend with a child who, reportedly, likes my stuff] [which is kind of cool]

3. this one is hard to answer. there’s plenty and there’s not much. stories? yes. details? no. I tried to be tasteful. but as far as bedtime readings go, I’d stick with something else.

4. is Josie upset by any of it?

4. no. I’ve been blessed with the most open-minded girl in the world. some of it wasn’t easy to read, but that’s because some of it wasn’t easy to write. she’s actually helping me edit the final draft, which is both fun and strange. a few days ago, there was a note to a chapter saying ‘hey, you need to redo the part between OD’ing in Varanasi and trying to get in that girl’s pants in Udaipur’. so yeah, I’m blessed.

5. will there be an ebook?

5. yes. it’s going to be a while, as we’re adding photos and links to it, but there will be. it won’t be for sale, it’ll be part of something bigger. there will also be an audio version, which will be fun.

… it really is fun. hard work, but fun. and if anyone else has a question, feel free to email me. I’ve been lucky enough to have some amazing writers mentor me, so would be more than happy to pass on the little bit that I know.


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