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it’s all free now, over there.

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I was going to wait until I could change a few things on my big ole travel site – AQueenAndCountry – namely the home page with the loooooong introduction video and stuff like that, but I don’t have the money for it.

nevertheless, I leave for Amsterdam tomorrow and wanted to get this out there.

it’s free.

the vids, the photos, the stories, the podcasts – it’s all free.

once upon a time, I had envisioned a way to charge $5 a month for all of this – thus funding my adventures and showing you a bit of the world. but that’s not exactly fair, nor right, and I ended up feeling like an asshole for it. I thought back to being a poor kid in Tulsa, Oklahoma and my parents barely having enough to feed us. so why should another in that same position miss out on my Life of Riley? he shouldn’t. and I’m sorry I ever tried to make money from my blessings.

it should be said that a large handful of people saw past that and helped kickstart this little thing – and for that I thank them…

but it’s all free now.

watch, steal, laugh, think, ignore, enjoy – all of it.

there’ll be much more after this Europe on a Bike Adventure I’m heading off on soon, but for now… well… tuck in.


aqueenandcountry – new this week!

hello from Tulsa, Oklahoma.

here’s what we got happenin’ this week on aqueenandcountry:


[not as many as I would have liked to have penned, but so much of that has to do with the little guy you see below – my darling nephew. gosh, he turns me to mush]

– street snacks [choripan]: forget about what they say regarding the steak in Argentina. I spent half-a-day finding this spot, then the next 10 days revisiting it.

– [time] sharing is caring: a studio apartment in Buenos Aires runs $1000 a month. in Paris and Berlin as well. so why aren’t we all paying $100 each for 1.2 months of it a year?


– aqueenandcountry – show 6 [bolivia]: want to be able to talk intelligently about Bolivian music? so do I. but that didn’t stop me from asking around the country to who I should be listening to. [and Bolivian Gypsy, for the record, is fantastic.]


– h.m.s. absurdidy.’s maiden voyage – not so long ago I bought a sailboat. without knowing how to sail it. this is how that first [mis] adventure went.

– snacks [l.a.] – snacks are very important to me. here are the best in Los Angeles.


– o.p.p. 9 – dig the colorization. dig the 1909 writing. dig the 1 cent stamp.

– israel ’10 – only a handful of shots from the Old City, but with places this moving, that’s sometimes all you need.

… and that’s it. much more on the way next week!



new this week. on ‘aqueenandcountry’.

here’s what’s happening on my new project. it’s really cool. I think it’s really cool. and am pretty sure someone else said it’s pretty cool, although I can’t seem to remember whom.

shame on me.

I’ve been uploading stuff, but not keeping up with this.

and now it looks like I’ve been slacking.

I haven’t – promise.

and am now back Stateside, so things will be a bit more normal… for now.

here’s what’s new:


– ‘the f-word. and stuff like that’ – the terrifying realization that some people might be looking up to me.

– ‘restless. and need rest’ – 5 months on the road was too long. way too long.

– ‘street snacks – rico mote con huesillos – peaches. caramel. cereal. Chile. done.

– ‘the stretchers’ – can’t tell who I hate more. them, or the cheaps.

– ‘street snacks – jamon sandwiches’ – not so much a tip, but a suggestion. [I love snacks.]

– ‘the aires of buenos’ – being raised a grandchild of the Beat Generation sometimes leads to drunken spontaneous prose. in cabs.


– o.m.k.o.s. 4 – far too special to try to put into words. the late DJ Flanuer shall continue to live on. for as long as I do.

– rough sundays 3 [from the Florida Keys] – more gospel. more Motown. more Otis.


– o.p.p. 7 – from 1957!

– n.y.c. [iphone] [series 1] – it took me a long, long time to admit that photos from a phone were worthy. but they are.

– o.p.p. 8 – New York City. and the nicest penmanship you’ve ever seen.

– colombia ’11 – from the mean streets of Bogota to the Caribbean coast. down to the border and a lot more.


– kauai road trip – took a day with my superfamouspal Shira to some of the best spots on the island a few years back.

– Huza’s beer review – the quirkiest guy in Shanghai allows me into his life. part one – beer.

– good eatin’ – Valparaiso – one of the highlights of my trip, this town/guesthouse. but many make many a culinary mistake. here’s how not to.


… and there you go.

more next week.

[and thanks.]


a little peek. a little taste.

well, wow – we did it.

yesterday, the beta version of my newest [and biggest] endeavor launched.

and people have been asking about it… so here you go, a little preview.

but we couldn’t exactly talk you into joining aqueenandcountry with just a few things up, could we? no way. to kick things off, you got all sorts of stuff to absorb.

here’s what you got for this week… keep in mind, though, that each week there’ll be a new one of everything… but for now:


Times Square… from my Vespa – we went to the most over-touristy crowded annoying spot in NYC so you don’t have to.

The Great Mayan Road Trip Adventure Journey Experience – I rented a Jeep in the Yucatan to spend a few days visiting the ruins. I’d get lost. I’d get some snacks. I’d have to pay a lot of money to a few dodgy policemen. and I’d get Chichen Itza all to myself.

The Shanghai Show – Pilot Episode – back in the day, I had this amazing idea to – once a week – have a show highlighting the city that I called home for 4 years. in this one, we look at The Bund, my maid explains local cuisine, an introduction to Shanghainese – the local dialect and I tape a camera to my moped and through an old decaying neighborhood.

Seattle Drinkin’ Holes – while producing a project on this quirky city, I asked 3 pals of mine to take me to their favorite spots… and share a few of my own.

A Walk Through Old Havana – that’s it. I turned the camera out, walked out of my apartment and around the neighborhood I stayed in for a few weeks.

Birth of The Hamburger – we visit the place where it all started… in Connecticut [question mark].

An Ecuadorian Enema – exactly what it says. I get one. and film it. [viewer discretion is advised]

A Guide to Western Australia – last year, I spent a few weeks taking in Perth, Rottnest Island, and the vineyards of Margaret River in a campervan.

The Ayahuasca Adventure – having been obsessed with finding this sacred plant ever since reading The Yage Letters [highly recommended], I journeyed to the North of Peru to find a well-known shaman, and have a private ceremony with him. what I could film, I did. there was also a microphone running the entire 4 hours.

– The Shanghai [Exile] Diaries – Trailer and Part 01 – Bangkok – having gotten myself in trouble with the Chinese Government, I hid in SE Asia, India and Nepal for 6 months. and filmed a large portion of it. [note: original series was shown on Current TV.]

– How I Was The First Up On Machu Picchu for 2012 – don’t know if I’d mentioned that before or not? my first piece for National Geographic? here’s exactly how to do it. from a guy who walked around for 2 days with a ridiculous GoPro camera on his head.

– A Good Day In: Austin – [my new favorite series to produce]. we show you exactly how to have the perfect Sunday in the 512. food, drinks, music, snacks, vinyl, graffiti, cupcakes, tattoos and drinks.

– Down The Bolivian Death Road… On A Mountain Bike – 200-300 deaths a year on average. scary. and I took a mountain bike down it.


okay, this has the possibility of being a long entry, so let’s truncate.

you got 5 different kinds of shows.

AQueenAndCountry – I walk around with a mic, recording local musicians, buskers and more. or I find someone who can speak English and have them play me their favorite tracks. so far, we have Austin, Mexico, Cuba, Colombia, and Peru. [note: the Mexico show wasn’t all about local music. nor was Austin, for that matter. but after experiencing the magic of Cuba, I decided to make this program for local music only… and then for just regular good songs, start the show below.

Tracks – easy. fun. 5 songs you might not have heard before. or want to hear again. my taste is impeccable. shows one, two and three.

Rough Sundays [re-release] – old gospel. blues. and more. so far, we have the pilot showepisode 1 and two.

O.M.K.O.S. – I battled with re-releasing this old shows, as they were done with a Brother who left us a few years ago. but I know he would have wanted me to, so I did. listen to the pilot episode. more coming soon.

and then you have the Specials – interviews, etc. first show is me sitting down with San Pedro’s most famous inmate, Daniel Foley.


before I had this idea for a website, my original plan was just to sell them for $5 each. but now they’re free. download them, print them out, use them for whatever… all rights are waived if you’re a member.



Mexico [The Mayan Ruins Road Trip]


Vietnam [Saigon]

Cuba [Havana]

– and in between of them, you have O.P.P. [short for Other People’s Postcards. found them in this old antique shop in Philly, bought loads. all of them handwritten, some dating back to 1909.]


there’s a lot. I like to write. here are some highlights:


– I love Otis Redding most. I love snacks second most. everywhere I go, I snack. and I take a photo. and I write about it. I love snacks.

an interview with Augustine, the antiquated owner of a music-obsessed bar in Colombia.

travel tips… the ones I didn’t hand over to NatGeo.

The Yage Emails – I write to my Ginsberg [Adam Cohn] and he writes back to his Burroughs [me]. it starts out about finding this plant, but deals with a lot of other stuff. as of now, we have 7 or 8 letters posted. there are more.

my addiction to coca tea.

the loneliness of the road. it’s happened a lot this trip.

– how to go about bathing properly in the Ecuadorian town of Banos.

– getting into a fight in Peru. ending up in the police station in Peru.

– what it was like seeing my name under that golden border of National Geographic for the first time.

– Route 36 – finding the hidden cocaine bar in La Paz.

trying to break into a prison.

– being broke… again.

… and a whole lot more.

go get ’em – we’re 30% into getting 100 people signed up for this thing!

and thank you.


aqueenandcountry – here we go…


if you’re reading this, then it tells me you’re either a] being incredibly supportive to your old friend b] interested in what I’ve been teasing for the past few months or c] both.

whatever it is – thanks.

will keep this short, for reasons that [hopefully] you’ll soon understand.

I made something. a big ole travel website. with a whole lotta stuff on/in it.


weekly videos from my adventures around the world. [right now, there are 17 of these.]

weekly podcasts – all about music. some local stuff I’ve found. and other stuff. [4 different shows. 13 episodes in all.]

weekly downloadable photo galleries – instead of trying to sell them one at a time. this was easier. [7 sets so far. including Havana]

weekly articles – I write. a lot. these are about everything. [too many to count. a lot about food. some about me.]


… and I’m charging $7 a month for it.

as it stand now, I could only afford one payment option, so I went with the $20 for 3 memberships [each month]. and, in complete transparency, it’s because I’m hoping that my tiny little group of pals jump in first.

see, I need 100 [paying] people [300 watching] just to afford this thing…

and to eat.

people built this and I owe them. and I like to eat.

$2000 a month will keep it all going.

then, as we get more people, we can make it prettier. as it stands now, it can be better. but it works. we had a test group make sure it did. it could all just be [and will be] a smoother experience. less clunky. tidier. cleaner. more stuff. etc.

and I wanted to wait until we had all of that sorted, but – as stated – I myself am down to my last few hundred bucks.

but then there’s one more thing – see, after speaking with the test group, we decided that making this a $5 for one membership option the only option. and after I have the money to recode the website, that’s what we’re going to do. but I don’t have it now, and want to be completly clear with you:

– I’m asking for you to be one of the first 100 people on board with this, paying $20 for 3 memberships… which is a little less than $7 a month per membership.

– once 100 people join, I’ll have the money for v2 of the website, which means $5 a month… which means I’m actually asking you to pay more – for no other reason than to help me get this rolling.

– but… in exchange, everyone who joins now will get a free copy of my next book ‘a random collection of the occasional absurdity’ once it’s out in this winter. or a free copy of ‘the shanghai [exile] diaries’ once it’s up on Amazon later this month.

so, if you’re feelin’ it. and you don’t mind helping ole Queen out of a jam [once more. again. etc] and into the next adventure, then join, would ya?

again, if you don’t like it. no problem.

but if you do… and I think you just might… then we can make this into something beautiful.



alllllllllmost there.

hi. I’m sorry things have been so quiet. trust it’s for a reason. a few reasons, actually. this new project is taking longer than I expected, but that might have something to do with me being a control freak and having no money. whatever it is, it’s very, very close and I’m very, very excited to show it to you. there’s some other stuff happening as well that I hope to be able to share with you soon, but because I’ve been bad about stopping by here [thank you, Tara for carrying the load], I’ll give you a little peek into happenings. this is for someone else, and I do hope she doesn’t mind me showing it. it’s raw [somewhat disturbing for some as well], and just some of the stuff from the iPhone, but this is just a little somethin’ to keep you interested. please don’t forget. I just don’t know what I would do if you forgot. probably remind you. but still…

hang tight.


things are going to be a bit quiet here for the next month or so.

I hope you understand.

it’s early in the morning and my little bag is as packed as much as a little bag can be packed.

there’s less clothes, more toys.

hopefully, this will all make sense soon.

so, until then – if you’ll excuse me…

I’m off to go make something beautiful.


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