who is aric s. queen?


host of BBC’s ‘Treasure Hunters’. tall.

National Geographic’s 2012 ‘Traveler’. fun. 

author of ‘The Shanghai Exile Diaries’. charlatan.

Current TV’s ‘Most Prolific for 2008’. snacker. 

born in 1976.

in 1995, became the youngest on-air personality to ever work for Z104.5fm [Tulsa].

2000 – sold everything and headed to Europe with a one-way ticket.

2004 – bought a fake diploma online and moved to China to teach English.

2006 – produced a podcast that was named by TIME Magazine as one of their ‘top 10’ for the year.

2008 – hosted and produced ‘the shanghai diaries’, which would earn him Current TVs ‘most prolific vlogger’ award, and get him in trouble with the Chinese government.

2008-2009 – spent 7 months touring SE Asia, India and Nepal.

2009 – lived on a bus. wrote his first novel, ‘the shanghai [exile] diaries’.

2010 – toured the Middle East and Northern Africa. was asked to leave Ethiopia. moved to England, bought a boat. was asked to leave England. moved to Vietnam.

2011 – moved to NYC to produce a travel app for UrbanDaddy. used money to tour South America for 8 months. launched his own travel website.

2012 – was first on Machu Picchu on Jan 01st. penned this story for National Geographic. was asked to write another, so did – and it ended up being their most-popular article for the year. was then named as one of National Geographic’s ‘Travelers’ [only 3 named in 2012] and sent on a coast-to-coast trip in the U.S. took money from that gig, bought a bicycle and a tent, headed to Europe.

2013 – cycled from Amsterdam to Morocco, then back up through Western Europe. was contacted by [name removed] for travel ideas, filmed the pilot in Berlin, waiting to hear if it’s optioned…

2014 – finished up the cycling trip [2 continents, 23 countries, 12,021 miles], then headed back to South America to film 5 episodes for BBC’s ‘Treasure Hunters’. spent 3 months falling in love with New Orleans.

… currently near the Atlantic Ocean. fixing up an old boat. heading for an adventure.


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  1. Heather Woodell says:

    My 8 year old son, disappointed with my spelling of his name, was ECSTATIC to see aricwithana.com!!!!! A completely accidental find, but now very intrigued!

    Mother2anaricwithana! 😉

  2. Lisa says:

    Hey – I just supported your cause by ordering your book, just make sure it shows up with only your signature and not your nude one… I have enjoyed your blog silently for years and I’m looking forward to reading your book.


  3. Bob Jones says:

    I am buying a copy online need to know how to note that Aric needs to sign it.

  4. Bob Berd says:

    Aric, WOW I can believe it! a book, so glad it is finally here, how can I get a copy!

    AT Metro come by or call [removed].
    Very happy for you!

  5. Morgan Bacia says:

    Hey friend! Just ordered your book for the hubs…he’d be saddened if you didn’t sign his copy. =)
    Hope you’re well!

  6. annie says:

    Howdy. I am a bit confused as I have stumbled upon your site while looking up pictures to make a video for youtube. (My therapy is taking songs I love and putting other peoples pictures to them)(That sounds weird actually typing that). Anywho, I love your blog. I have shamelessly been sucked into it almost 2 hours now. I am not quite sure what you do but I do love your writings. I feel as if I am right along side of you for whatever pops up around the next corner. Your photography is just beautiful. In all, seems like you are just a really awesome guy. Your life seems like what my dream life is lived out. I hope you are well. Thanks for stealing 2 hours and counting.

  7. Aric Johnson says:

    Have only read a little bit, but you are doing our name justice. Thank-you. Since you seem to be well traveled, have you looked into a grant that will alow you to find other “Aric’s” and make yourself a nice sundance film documentary and get paid? Just a thought.

  8. Shelley says:

    How rare to find a book that makes you laugh, out loud, in the midst of a silent crowd. Aric has a quirky sense of humor, an eye for beauty whether he finds it in the exotic or the mundane things of this life and a heart for travel. What a combination to draw from!

  9. Katie says:

    Do you need an assistant??

  10. antony says:

    Hi Mr. Queen,
    What is the name of the background music on this ( Episode 2 – A quest for luck in mystical La Paz ) clip.



  11. Aric B. says:

    I just stumbled onto your website. I think it is awesome to find other “A-R-I-C’s”. Your book seems intriguing as well.

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