the plan

didn’t know if you heard, read, were deafened by my shouting it from the rooftops here in Brooklyn…
National Geographic called.
called me.
on the phone.

and – as stated – there’s some stuff I can’t talk about.
but there’s also a few things I can.

I’m headed coast-to-coast soon.
in America.
from D.C. down South then alllllll the way to Los Angeles.
6 whole weeks.

but it’s not just a trip, it’s got a theme.
the theme is good.
as in ‘The Good Traveler’.
want to see something cool?
here’s the link to the page that has the name of the giant and then the name of your pal Queen as well.

they made me a banner.
there’s nothing on there yet and I might get in trouble for sharing it but I’m sorry.
someone at NatGeo [I’d like to think we’re on a nickname-friendly basis] asked someone else to make a banner with my name on it.
and they did.
and they spelled my name correctly.
National Geographic spelled my name correctly.

allow me one moment to mentally print that off and hang it on my non-existent fridge.


it’s all about good stuff, namely: people doing good stuff.
food and music and adventure, sure.
but I’m headed off to find the good folks.

do you know any?

people and places like The Big O Foundation, The Tiziano Project, Caine’s Arcade, etc.
there’s no wrong suggestions – it could be an org, it could be one person.

but it’s all going to come from public suggestions.

so if you got someone good in/around that area you see above, then tell me.
I’ll go pay ’em a visit.

let’s start there…

because this trip starts next Monday.

oh man.


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  1. oh man, i’m doing triple back flips for you!!!

  2. Eric Rains says:

    Congratulations! A new vicarious adventure for me!

  3. Manuel Padilla says:

    I have many in mind and have contact info for all of them. But i will limit them to the ones that come to mind first:

    In DC: please forgive the heavily Catholic and/or religious based organizations. They are actually very alternative (i.e. not ‘conservative’) in their approaches and their theology

    1. Catholics United–definitely go see this one
    2. TASSC (Torture Abolition Survivor Support Coalition)–definitely go see this one
    2. The Catholic Worker
    3. Potters House (coffee place that employs ex-convicts and others)

    5. Meridian Park Drum Circle on Sundays–actually very cool

    New Mexico:
    I will just say this and you can contact me to get the specifics. I did a series of interviews with people affected by Uranium mining about a year ago. I did interviews with native americans on reservations, I did interviews with miners and miner families, I did interviews with community members who were fighting for health benefits for radiation exposure, i visited communities that are literally dying. I was taken around one community Erin Brockovich style where each house was empty due to a dead former occupant or still occupied but with each member having a different form of cancer. I would highly recommend visiting a handful of these people to get out their work and their stories. I did the interviews but in the end did not have time to do anything with them.

  4. Courtney says:


  5. Colin Roohan says:


    Came across your article in TulsaPeople the other day and am now a fan (having been thumbing through your blog and rants).

    May you travel well and I hope to hear from you,


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