the one-oh-one: Chicken Katsu at Tebaya [#69]



the quest for new york city’s 101 best sandwiches continues… but now, I have a [part-time] partner in crime. his name is Jon and he likes tattoos, pit-bulls and the occasional sandwich. he’s also my total work b.f.f.. and we decided to celebrate this by totally having lunch together a lot. [it’s not gay if you’re trying to check things off of a sandwich list].

but don’t let my jubilation at having a new pal fool ya…

we got torn up by the Chicken Katsu at Tebaya.

not that it wasn’t good, it was tasty. think a slightly fancier Chic-Fil-A [which, somehow ends up on the nyc list? I know – unbelievable!] [but unbelievable that they have a Chic-Fil-A in nyc. that makes me the happiest guy ever, with my new work buddy and the best fast-food ever being not too far away]. but back to the sandwich – it was good. it was very good. just look at Jon’s face below – that is a face that is eating a very good sandwich. it somehow stayed crispy despite being in a bag during our 15-minute walk back to the office. it came with extra teriyaki sauce for even more deliciousness. and it only ran us $6.50 a pop – which is sadly becoming a good deal.

we can all agree that we liked it, yes? ok. ’cause we did.

but goodness, it wasn’t kind to us afterwards. at all. it turned out to be quite mean-spirited. like the girls that work at American Apparel mean-spirited. we’re not good enough pals to use the toilet together [yet], but you can trust that we passed on another a few times on the way there/back.

so, try it. it’s good. but know that is also isn’t kind.

taste – 4.5 [stars out of 5]

cost – 3 stars

location – 3.5 stars

Josie the Healthy Girlfriend‘s approval – 1 star

12 stars out of 20 = score: 60%

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