the one-oh-one – introduction


I had a mediocre sandwich just now. I live in Brooklyn, I work in the middle of Manhattan and I had a mediocre sandwich. that’s like going Belgium and ordering a Coors Light. you should know that very, very few things anger me – a lot of things annoy me, but very few things anger me… and a bad meal is one of them. I rarely eat out [correction: I rarely used to eat out] for that very reason – why would I pay money to have someone else prepare a dish that I can? sushi, Ethiopian, etc – sure. I can’t make those. but Italian? if you can’t make your own marinara sauce, you should be denied a kitchen entirely.


I had a mediocre sandwich in New York Fuckin’ City … and was shamed.

and then I found this: 101 of New York’s Best Sandwiches. with a map.

so I’m going to take on said list … at least twice a week.

and I’ll keep some notes and piccies and stuff for ya here.

’cause I can’t be eatin’ bad in the city.

let’s call it a wich-hunt.

[if my hands were full of bread and meat and goodness, I wouldn’t have been able to type that attempt at humor]



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