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we all have those friends who – after years of not seeing each other – pick right up where things were left off. no need for a huge so-tell-me-all-about-what-you’ve-been-up-to? pow-wow. just a hug, a laugh and an adult beverage.

in the theme of complete transparency, when I released the book, I scrolled through my contact list and, have to admit to wondering if a handful of people – like the kind mentioned above: those I don’t keep in constant contact with, despite really liking – would take the time/effort/money to pick up a copy. it’s a sensitive thing, this… art [?]. ask anyone who creates anything – it’s a really personal experience. birth-giving, if you will. with more stretch marks.

well, not only did my friend Neenz pick up a copy, she took the time to write about it yesterday.

‘oh sure’ you say, ‘an image here, a few words there and presto!’, but it’s not that easy. it takes time. thought. research.

and Neenz is a busy lady. a very busy lady. 15,000+ followers on Twitter. on top of everything else she does, she’s even into politics these days [although, many would question why she, herself, isn’t running for the Hawaiian Governor title?].

so yeah, this came from a lot of love. and I got to say, I got nothing but the same for this wonderful being.

and she is, most definitely, that. ask anyone who knows her.

this is, officially, my first piece of press. and for it to come from her made my entire week.

[it meant a lot to me, lady. thank you.]

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