cover. and synopsis.

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[this is the blurb, or, synopsis which is going on the back of the book. I. fucking. love. it.]

”At the prow of the 2008 Beijing Olympics, few so irreverently cut through the Chinese suppression as Aric S. Queen, the messy-haired controversial producer of “The Shanghai Diaries.” While on hiatus in Indonesia, one phone call changes everything. Aric discovers the Chinese police are hunting him down. Caught between nowhere to go and nowhere to go back to, this is the story of his exile.

From climbing Mount Rinjani in an orange sarong to riding a motorcycle through Nepal, smelling the burning dead in Varanasi and ditching patchouli and enlightenment at a Thai Monastery, to visiting secret Burmese schools and skirting through a labyrinth of sexual and pharmaceutical faux pas, this book accomplishes much more than the duct tape inside this vagabond’s backpack. The Shanghai [Exile] Diaries wields a conspicuous rip through the cloaked underbelly of China while pulling its reader through an intensely personal journey of love, validation, and utter originality.”

by Sunny Cherme Cooper


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  1. excuter says:


  2. SD Steve says:

    “Caught between nowhere to go and nowhere to go back to…” is a great line! Mind if I borrow it? 😉

  3. admin says: (Author)

    since you and Miss Cooper both live in the same area, you might have to take it up with her!

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