the shanghai [exile] diaries: intro


so, here you go.

a little peek. a snack.

the first chapter of my book ‘the shanghai [exile] diaries’!

pre-sale starts in a few weeks.

it still needs some fine tuning.

[covert art]







but it’s done. and I’m pretty proud of it.

so read it here, or right click + save if you want to keep it.

and, if you like it, then be a peach and pass it along.

I’d appreciate that.


p.s. join the Facebook page as well… if you want.



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  1. MoJo says:

    Jia you!

  2. MjBubbles says:

    Gosh, A, you seemed like such a nice boy when I met you… Publish this already!!!!!!!

  3. Thibault Laret says:

    Can’t wait to read the following chapters!

  4. Nathaniel says:

    I like it. Let me know where I can get it.

  5. Katrina says:

    I can’t wait to read the rest! I will tell everyone I know who reads and those who have almost forgotten to read anything other then FB updates that your book is a must read.

  6. Brandon E says:

    So is this book a 100% factual recount, have some slight embellishments, or a work of Fiction? Brandon Marley told me to ask you. It looks to be an excellent read either way and I’m sure I’ll pick it up on paper unless you are doing an ebook release as well.

  7. admin says: (Author)

    Mojo – thanks, man!
    RG – more. is. coming.
    MJ – please. you knew better.
    TL – thanks, brother.
    Nathaniel – right here.
    Kat – very sweet of you, thanks!
    Brandon – 100% factual. ebook is coming, but not until later – we’re doing photos, links, etc, so it’ll be a project in itself.

  8. Cousin Kevin says:

    Was hanging on every word! I’m in! Hope I can get a signed copy!

  9. eva says:

    Congrats for your big project coming out, heard from Judy that she doesn’ like to read your book, because she saw you wrote “disgusting” about Chinese people, so I searched it. Though I do agree with you for some point, there’re lots area and people in China are “disgusting”, but it might be just another dark side in one country. Of all the time I live in China, I can’t stop wondering if there would be anyone that can use good influence to educate people and maybe one day can change the “spitting on the street activities” and even (I personally hope) change the “smoking nearby non-smoking sign”. Whenever I pass by a person spitting on the street, I used to tell them very nicely how it would be healthier if they spit in a handkerchief, they do listen however they feel embarrassed. But that is not enough, if there’s any charity can do this work for China, they will be respected and remembered deeply as it will be a much BIGger project, I guess. I do not expect people to change how China police and government rule their people, as they are more stubborn and powerful(similarly I do hope Aiweiwei do not need to make sacrifices). As it is just a personal note, I don’t mind you just delete it as you deleted me from your facebook friends ;). I feel very sorry for what you went through horribly in China. And good luck on your future projects and wish you become a top influencer or writer. Yours truely.

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