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I mentioned earlier that writing a second series for Converse/Converse All-Star has definitely been the highlight of my writing career…

and it has.

I couldn’t pick a better brand to be associated with.

a few months back, they published the newest batch.

and funnily enough, they’ve been the easiest to work with.

‘send in ideas of what you’d like to write’

so I sent ’em in.

‘ok, do these.’

I did those.

then they paid me.

and then they posted them.

nice people over there, Converse.

so, here’s a snippet of this last series. [and here are all of the old ones]

‘Words of Wisdom’ - Writer and globe-trotter Aric S. Queen states his case for why a Gap Year isn’t just a great option, it’s a must.

‘America’s best kept secret…’ - Writer and globe-trotter Aric S. Queen waxes lyrical about the virtues of Bend, Oregon, perhaps the greatest little city in America.

[this one, funnily enough, led to both an inner-city argument [see postings] and a relator in Bend mistaking the introduction and taking me for a real [Harlem] Globe Trotter. classic.]

‘Never, never, never, never, change the name of your boat...’ - Writer and globe-trotter Aric S. Queen buys a boat in coastal England, and shenanigans ensue.

… there was one more about the lack of music in China [when looking at it per capita], but am guessing with them recently bringing a few bands from there to SXSW, it didn’t make sense. fair play.

good stuff.

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  1. SD Steve says:

    Great articles as always but one itsy bitsy correction on the naming the boat piece… Robinson Crusoe was actually written by Daniel Defoe in 1719, way before Robert Louis Stevenson’s time.

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