the strangest thing happened the other day, and it wasn’t me physically paying for an album, or having to Google ‘how to import a CD into iTunes’… although they were close.

no, something even stranger happened. and I can’t remember that last time that was done with new music.

but something tells me it doesn’t come as any shock to Fitz. or his Tantrums.

I swear, there was only a few seconds of a few chords, played at a very low level over a phone commercial. as soon as I heard it, I reached over and grabbed the pen on my nightstand and scribbled down ‘FITZ’. when I woke up the next morning, it took a few minutes to decipher, but as soon as that was done, I must have spent the next 3 hours listening to the same 4 songs on repeat.

and then used money I didn’t have to actually wait outside a record store here in Bend until they opened, nervously asking the owner if he had what I was looking for. he had – and happened to have been listening to the same record over-and-over the other day.

someone had finally brought new music into a good old form.


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I’ll leave the bio to those who write good bios – frontman Fitz is, well – think David Bryne if he had signed to Stax Records in the early 60’s… had they been based in Northern France. add some velvet vocals and a serious backing – drummer John Wicks [of George Clinton, Mike Watt, and RZA to name a few… plus a seriously nice guy.] highlighting that core – and you’ve got the next big thing. and for once, that title is deserved.

they’re making headlines everywhere they play, so finding press on ’em won’t be hard. but do yourself a favor and spend 10 minutes taking in a few songs.

as I believe you’ll be buying a few for Christmas.

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  1. ~A says:

    We are closing our Sunday with Fitz and his lovely tantrums.
    If I haven’t already I/we thank you 🙂

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