miss [and mr.] saigon


did we move to Ho Chi Minh City last week? yes we did. it wasn’t all about which cuisine to eat, although that did make for a funny little story and hopefully ‘funny’ is what you’ll think of when you think of me as opposed to ‘why is his big toe sticking out of his flip-flop?’ and then ‘maybe because he has freakish feet is the reason he travels’ and then it all gets weird and you stop inviting me over for dinner.

I don’t want that.

so yes, we did move to Ho Chi Minh City. you can also call it Saigon if you want. Vietnam if you’re looking to be really general about the whole thing.


well, it’s like this, see; I like Josie, but she is, unfortunately [in more than one way], Canadian. which meant she couldn’t work in San Francisco. not like I had the thousands of monies to move to San Francisco anyway and so we thought maybe we could stay in England, but what with the most recent entry obstacles and the fact that England is fun and great but crap and shit in the winter, we found ourselves wondering all sorts of things… mostly where the hell to live and make money for next year’s sailing trip.

and then I opened up my email to find a ‘hello, stranger!’ type correspondence from Kate and Collin in Vietnam and then they accidentally said something like ‘we miss you’ or ‘we thought about you’ or ‘how are you?’ and I took that to mean ‘please move here with your new girlfriend and stay with us for a spell’ and so we did just that… ’cause I’m all about appeasing my pals.

so here I sit, typing away in a home with not one, but two catwalks – and not to worry, I’m going to take a few photos of that. we’re going to get our own little place in a few weeks and then work-work-work until next March and then it’s back to England [they might only allow Josie in which means she really needs to brush up on her sailing skills seeing how she’d have to take H.M.S. Absurdity over to meet me in France] and out for another adventure.

wow! you might say, or at least think, if you’re not the person to say ‘wow!’ out loud, Aric sure does like his adventures and then I’d agree, but remind you, again, that this, as are most of my funs, was made possible by nice and generous friends.

all I had to do is show up.

I mean ‘we’ – all we had to do is show up.

got to get used to typing that.


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  1. sculley says:

    Hi Collin and Kate!

  2. ken says:

    Well we miss you too (on the radio that is) – but that doesn’t mean move here!
    Science Ken in Bangkok

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