dear Chris

dear Chris.

I’m going to call you Chris because I don’t know whether you’re a boy or a girl and that’s an androgynous name and…

hang on, I’ll explain.

you don’t know me. we sort of have a mutual friend, but not really. but should I ever see you and she out somewhere – a bar or train stop – I’d probably say halo. there’s something else I would say, but I’ll go ahead and say it now. see, I was in line behind our mutual friend – the tall pretty girl with dirty-blonde hair – for the photobooth. I waited and noticed her concentrated look directed towards the papers in her hand. usually it wouldn’t strike me as strange, but it’s Berlin. and it’s the 23rd. both of those add up to not a lot of stress – nor are they reason for a lot of concentration. she wasn’t at work, and she wasn’t a student needing to get that paper finished – if she was, she’d be somewhere besides the photobooth. I waited and watched as she sat down and started to arrange the papers in her lap. I caught a quick glimpse of her face before she closed the curtain, she was still looking down at the papers. ‘clink’ went the 2 euro into the machine. and down went her hand to paper on top. it disappeared out of view until the dark box was overtaken with florescent. then down went the first paper and up went the 2nd one. this could continue for 2 more shots, as I’m sure you live here and even if you don’t, you know that you’re given 4 shots for 2 euro. 4 shots. 4 pieces of paper with some writing on them. I think they were in German, but they could have been something else. she gathered her things and came out of the booth. it was my turn to go in, but I waited. I’m glad I waited. but that’s not what this letter is about – I want to tell you about her face after the few minutes it took for her to get the little vertical black/white shots of herself and her papers back. she giggled, actually giggled – it wasn’t just a smile, she was so, so happy. now, we all love a good shot of ourselves, but this was different. some might say that she was pleased with whatever idea she had, but I disagree. she was giggling thinking about your face when she would give it to you. her idea worked! and you were special enough to go through the trouble.

she’d never admit to all the effort and thought and giggling that went into this, but hopefully, now, she doesn’t have to.

you hug her and you kiss her and you do it big, Chris.

as some people just get a gift certificate.


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  1. kris says:

    that’s the spirit.

  2. ATX Roomie says:

    This is the you I love!
    Merry Christmas!


  3. ~A says:


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